1. The Company may pursue Occupational Health and Safety audits in accordance with the regulations and instructions of the relevant Ministries. Jobs that violate Occupational Health and Safety can be stopped by the Company at that time.
  2. The yacht personnel and the employees of the contractors that will enter the premises are obliged to bring their social insurance outputs and renew them monthly. Employees without insurance are not admitted to the premises.
  3. The owner of the yacht, yacht personnel, contractor and other people who will enter the boatyard area for any reason must wear a helmet.
  4. It is forbidden to enter the boatyard area with slippers and shoes that are not suitable for the job. People who will work at the boatyard area must wear steel toe work shoes or boots.
  5. Gloves, goggles, ear sets, earplugs, dust mask, parachute seat belt and the necessary personal protective equipment must be provided and used in the works.
  6. 6- It is forbidden to bring air compressor that has no TMMOB (Chamber of Mechanical Engineers) TÜRKAK A approval to the premises.
  7. Grinding tools must have protective visor. Grinding tools without protection are not accepted to the premises; if the grinding tools’ protections are removed afterwards then the work under progress will be stopped. In case of repetition, entry to the premises will be prohibited.
  8. Extension cables to be used in the premises should be checked by the electric technician of the company. At the first entrance, the electric technician must be notified about the extension cables. There shouldn’t be any damage on the cables of the hand tools used during the works.
  9. 9- It is obligatory to use parachute type seat belt for safety of works at height.
  10. In the works at height, towers and scaffolds should be rented from the company. Any other equipment should be approved by the company.
  11. Daily cleaning around the vessel is compulsory. In case of garbage accumulation, the garbage will be cleaned by the company and the fees will be charged to the yacht account.
  12. Metal Cutting and Welding Works:
    1. The company should be notified about the metal cutting and welding works on board or at the boatyard.
    1. Upon approval of the company metal works can proceed.
    1. Certain safety measures will be applied for metal works at the boatyard. Such measures may involve some costs.
  13. It is mandatory to wear goggles in the works.
  14. Paint Scraping Procedures:
    1. During Paint Scrapping, falling spills should be prevented from the boatyard ground. A nylon can be placed underneath the yacht.
    1. İf the karina scraping will be by torch, then the company should be notified in advance and the work shouldn’t start without taking the necessary measures.
    1. Fireproof cover should be laid on the boatyard ground during burning operations.
    1. The waste should be delivered to the company. According to the Environmental Rules, the disposal of such wastes is subject to a fee.
    1. In wet sanding operations, nylon should be laid under the yacht and water should accumulate on the nylon.
      – In the case of paint scraping by grinding tools, the work area must be completely enclosed to prevent the spread of dust. Nylon is laid again to prevent dust contamination to the ground.
    1. In Case of Contamination on the boatyard ground there will be a charge of 120 TL per square meter and the cost of the cleaning materials. The amount will be charged to the yacht account.
    1.  If the dust out of the work creates a damage to other yachts, the work will be stopped until all counterpart’s damages remedied.
    1. In the case of repeated violation of the rules, the Company has the right to stop the work being carried out and to continue the work with its own resources and to demand all expenses incurred thereof from the yacht owner.
    1. İf the dust and paint spill wastes are not delivered to the company, the total transaction area is calculated and charged to the yacht owner.
  15. Painting Works:
    1. Nylon should be laid on the ground of the boatyard while painting.
    1. Used Paint cans should be delivered to the company in accordance with environmental rules.
    1. Paint under the yacht, thinner, etc. products should not be left scattered. All inflammable products will be collected by the security at the end of the day.
    1. All types of paint contamination that will occur on the ground of the boatyard are charged with 120 TL per square meter and the cost of cleaning materials is charged to the yacht account.
  16. It is forbidden to stay on the yachts at the boatyard without the permission of the company.
  17. It is forbidden to work on yachts other than the hours specified by the Company.
  18. There must be a hose lock connected to the end of the water hoses for safety.
  19. At the end of the work, the electric sockets should be checked and the plugs and the extension cords should not be left outside.
  20. For the disposal of the waste paints, empty spray paint etc. containers, oil, bilge, small battery, battery, hoses, cables, electronic equipment and parts, filters must be delivered to the company.
  21. Crane will not be allowed to enter the premises without prior notification to the company.
  22. Refuelling is not allowed for the boats stored ashore. All vessels moored should at least inform the company for refuelling so that the necessary security measures are taken.
  23. Mast dismantling is prohibited on the vessels stored ashore.
  24. The cranes should have at least a 150,000 € third party liability insurance for any works at the premises.